Sunday, August 31, 2014

This thing we call LIFE.....Hi Ladies

Hello Ladies!!!

I missed you these past few weeks. I just wanted to drop and say hi. I've had a big change in my personal life that's has really taken a toll on my body as well as my life. With that being said I will be taking a month away. Please keep my family in I in your prayers. Love you guys!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wash Day Puff Day!!

Hi my lovelies!!

Hope you all are enjoying your summer as much as I am. So unto the good stuff. My wash day was pretty good no complaints. Here's the rundown, by the way this was my first time using the first two items.

1. Pre-poo and finger detangled- Herbal Essence Unbreakable Seduction (wonderful slip)

2. Shampoo using Suave Professional Daily Clarifying for it only to be under 2 bucks I was pleasantly surprised.

****Wash Day Fact- when I go to shampoo my hair I apply the shampoo over the top of my pre poo. I don't rinse the pre-poo. Hope I explained that so you ladies understand=)

3. Rinse out the pre-poo and shampoo using lukewarm water

4. Deep Conditioned using the Shea Moisture's African Black Soap Purification Masque (under hooded dryer for 30 minutes)

5. Rinsed using cool water, t-shirt dried and proceeded to air dry until 85% dry

6. Styling- Took another go at the three strand twist out. This time it came out super puffy so I ended up with a textured puff using a banana clip.

If you are interested in seeing the take-down of another time I tried the three strand twist check out the video below

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Fitness Friday Gymnastics Fun with my #1 Girl

     This week I was super lazy when it came to working out.  I believe I came up with every excuse in the book even those things that were already done for example....I have to clean (DONE).....I have to cook ..... I have to do laundry (DONE).....I need wash my hair (DONE).....take the kids this place and that place...I should read(DONE.....I have to clean my closet(DONE)....Maybe I should paint my nails....I should probably do a you tube video (DONE)....Don't we have Bible study tonight (NO)... So when I get like that it's my cue to find seemingly small ways to exercise.

So this week my favorite time was my daughter and I practicing her gymnast skills (tumbling, handstands, back-bends etc.)  right in our driveway. In hindsight we probably should have practiced on the much softer grass Thankfully neither one of us fell.  It was sooo spare of the moment, no workout gear or anything.  We were outside for at least 40 minutes. Time flies when you're having FUN!! Talk about a workout I was even sore the next morning but it was worth it spending time with her!

Fitness Friday

What activity did you participate in this week?
Until Next Time Ladies
Hugs, Kisses and Lots of LOVE!!