Thursday, April 24, 2014

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Friday, April 18, 2014

New Hair......Come See!!

 It's about that time again, This always happen at some point of the year where I get intensely serious with protective styling. As I've stated before I'm not one to spend tons of money on wigs. If I decide to do this often, I can see myself investing in a good quality unit but for now I'm perfectly fine.  I purchased this Vivica A. Fox wig/unit from my local beauty supply store and I must say I LIKEY!! Don't you??=)

Let's talk more details about this hair. This is an FHW-160-V express wig in the Vivica A. Fox Collection in the color 2. It's says it's curling iron safe but I have not desire to straighten this hair just yet. I'm actually enjoying the big curls.

 You may ask what I plan on doing to my natural hair while protective styling. Well the answer is I will continue my weekly regimen. I actually LOVE the fact that I can get to my natural hair with ease and continue love on it. I've continued with my wash days as well as moisturizing and sealing and proceed to cornrow my hair to wear this unit. Depending on what style I plan on wearing for the week, I may have a very small leave out. This hair is easy to blend because I either go for a twist or a headband which makes it look more natural in my opinion. Undecided on how long this phase will last. We shall see!!

What protective styling are you rocking at this time?

                                                                 Until Next Time Ladies

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Semi Tribal Outfit of the Day

Hey Ladies

Shaking things up here on my blog. I will be adding a touch of me by way of fashion. I wouldn't consider myself a fashionista nor trendy. I simply buy what I like. Most times I love going for the effortless looks. I love simplicity not only with my hair but with my style as well. Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

                                                     Head to Toe Look Details
             Hair- Vivica Fox Collection Wig
             Lips- Relvon Red LAcquer
             Bow Earrings- MissA
             Necklace- Rue21
             Shirt- Forever21
             Tribal Vest Cardigan- Ross
             Jeggings- Ross
             Wedges- Forever21

                                                               Until Next Time Ladies

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                 *Sidenote- Constantly building my length check shirt collection. Bare with me=)