Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hair and Baby Updates!!

Hello my Lovelies

It's Kendra just in case you think I'm a stranger now. I apologize for being MIA on my blog for two months. So of course I have updates for you guys.

Well my hair is growing nicely I will be one year post relaxer on the 26th of this month. I really haven't had the time to play in my hair like I would like it's just so much easier to wear protective styles. I recently installed crochet braids which I loved but I haven't gotten the results I wanted as far as styling.

I then moved to my absolute favorite protective style Senegalese twist. They honestly never let me down. This is how I currently have my hair . I will keep them in for at least 4 weeks.

This brings to my final update which is the baby. I'm currently 39 weeks pregnant waiting on my sweetpea to make her grand entrance. I feel wonderful at times and then I'm exhausted at times. So forgive me if I take yet another leave of absence after this post. I promise I'll try not to be gone for two months this time.  

That's about all I have for you guys. Next time you see me or hear from me I will no longer be pregnant and coming up with a game plan to get my body back=)

Until Next Time
Hugs, Kisses and Lots of LOVE!!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Staying Fit While Pregnant!!

We all know the importance of keeping your body fit and healthy. For me personally it has intensified since being pregnant. You're not only caring for you but also the little person growing inside that needs to grow and flourish in a healthy way. *please consult with you midwife/doctor as far as physical activities. As for me I lost so much weight in the beginning I was advised to take it easy and increase time and intensity as time progresses.  Now being seven months/29 weeks pregnant I find effortless ways of exercises for example taking a brisk walk around the neighborhood, I also look to you tube as well as pinterest for third trimester pregnancy workout *many of these I do with my little ones. I try my best to do some type of physical activity at three times a week for 15-30 minutes depending on how I feel.
Quick tips to keep in mind. Listen to your body, Don't push yourself to hard especially in your final trimester. Drink and have plenty of water. Workout partner are always a great idea in case of emergencies.

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Fitness Friday

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wash Day- "Simplicity'

My wash day was pretty low key, you all know that "simplicity" is my middle name.

I opted not to pre-poo this week I went straight into deep conditioning on dry hair. Using shea moisture masque. Sat under the dryer for about twenty minutes, I usually go for at least thirty but I couldn't take the heat. I was so ready to be done.

I also decided not to shampoo, I'm sure you're noticing the pattern by now. After DC I rinsed and squeezed excess water out using a t-shirt

Applied my leave in and oil and air-dried using scarf method

Once dry I decided I wanted to get jazzy that day with a few curl, so I went hunting for my caruso roller. The curls out beautiful but it was a rainy day so they didn't last long below is what I ended up with=)

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The Wash Day Experience

Talk to you in my next post!!